Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dance, Sing, Smile and Laugh!!! It feels good!

When was the last time you listened to music you love? 
Did you kick off your shoes and just dance?
Did it make you smile and laugh?

One way to change how your feeling is to find a song you love, kick off your shoes and dance! Leave everything else behind once the music starts.

By dancing, singing, smiling and laughing, you're increasing your endorphin's! 
These endorphin's help you to feel better about yourself and things in your life.

While you're dancing around, you're getting some exercise. You may be surprised by just how much movement you get! 
I know I've been surprised how sore I am the next day! (Good exercise sore)

Some of my favorite artists and songs to dance to are ...
(different types for different listening styles)

Jem- It's Amazing 

Angus & Julia Stone- Mango Tree

Lykke Li- I Follow Rivers

Bob Marley and The Wailer's- Soul Shakedown

Robert Randolph & Family Band- Ain't Nothing Wrong With That

Flo Rida- Good Feeling

So what are you waiting for? 
Put on some of your favorite songs and Dance!! 

It's okay, you can dance in your chair at work! (I won't tell!)
Get your co-workers to dance too!

Please feel free to leave a comment with your favorite songs! It could help someone else to get dancing! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

You are more beautiful than you think

About a week and a half ago, my "work mom" sent me an email. As busy as I am, I was unable to open it to watch the video attached. One of the advisers said in passing something about the Dove Sketches, so I knew what I needed to look for.

Photo: You're more beautiful than you think. In fact, we released our social experiment in this short film to prove it. Watch to open your eyes:

I watched the video with amazement. The more accurate sketches were ones drawn from what others described the women to look like. I thought about how I see myself and then how others might see me. I don't feel beautiful most of the time and would describe myself much like the women described themselves.  I At the most, I feel average. This  may have to do with the media and how I always compare myself to what I think others want me to look like. This video brought me to tears. I realized maybe I need to be a little more kind to myself. I need to start listening to what others think and say about me. Maybe sometimes they see things I don't . I don't think we're told enough what makes us beautiful, so we become insecure.

So how do you see yourself? Would you describe yourself as accurately as someone else? 

Each and every one of us has something that makes us beautiful and unique. We should all start telling one another what makes each of us beautiful! I'm going to start here! 

Mom- Your kind, calm, warm smile lights up the room. The love in your heart is as deep as the sea and it shines in your ocean blue eyes! You have soft, thick, flowing auburn hair that I've loved playing with since I was a baby!

Pam (Work mom)- Thank you so much for sharing this with me! Your light artistic energy shines from within and shows through your smooth fluent motion. The calm caring nature that you hold while in the presents of  each person shines in your eyes. Your dark wavy hair shapes your face perfectly.

Gianna- Your elegant light greenish blue eyes always capture peoples attention.  Compassion and pure joy show every time you smile and your cute dimples show. 

Emily- Your smooth honey blond hair is always cute. The love and grace in your heart for children glows whenever you smile as teach them. The innocents and youthful spirit of your soul appears when you goof around and play.

To anyone reading this; You are a wonderful, positive, beautiful and deserving person! 

So take a moment, share with someone the beauty you see in them. Write it on their Facebook wall, tell someone person, tell a co-worker or maybe even a person on the street! Leave them a note. And share this valuable information to help them understand how beautiful they are. Let them know about this idea, the blog and the link to help others to see the beauty within themselves too! 

Love, happiness and kindness are luminous expansions of the soul.
When shared with the world, others follow the positivity.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yoga Mama- Yoga, Pilates, massage and nutrition for the whole family!

Are you a mom or do you know someone who is?
How many times have you thought or heard, "I wish I could exercise more, but I just don't have enough time now that I have a little one (not complaining about the baby or being a mom, just time)!" Or, "I need to do something to get back in shape, but how can I when I have so much to do while the baby is sleeping and need to be with the baby when s/he is awake?"
Well here is an answer to your prayers! 

By following the link above you can check out the first of many future videos that will be coming out on a regular basis. Gianna is the owner and director for Wellness for Life. She focuses on fit and fun families through Yoga, Pilates, massage and nutrition. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Foundation of Energy

Have you felt completely exhausted at three pm and had to hunt down coffee or a sugary snack to keep you going? 
Has this become a routine for you?

If so, you're not alone! Many of us hit a wall at some point in our day. Most of us know we're going to hit another wall after the caffeine and/or sugar wears off in a little later, but struggle with is how to stop this cycle.

The foundation of energy... Water! 

We are made of about seventy percent water! 
We can survive many days, even weeks without food, but not without water.

When you hit your wall at some point in the day, it generally means you've not had enough water up to that point. One way to combat this is to start drinking water as soon as you wake up. 

Drinking about eight to twelve ounces of water each morning as soon as you wake up will help wake you up. It also helps to re-hydrate your cells after they've been in a fasting all night.
I keep water next to my bed every night and the first thing I do in the morning is drink water. 
I'm not telling you to avoid caffeine all together, but try drinking a glass of water before your morning coffee. If you have more than one cup of caffeine during the day, try spacing them out and having some water in between.

One person recently told me she doesn't like having plain water all day. So, I suggested having something sweet in her water like fruit or my favorite, cucumbers . 

Drinking water throughout your day will help you to stay hydrated, increase your energy, will keep headaches down and will improve mental clarity. 
So what are you waiting for? 
Go get some water. <3 

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I love this!!! Keep looking for the your path and following your heart and you'll make it through!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reflections of Positivity

Every day we're bombarded with negativity. It comes from the media, the work place and even the people around us. It reaches each and every one of us. We can easily start having negative thoughts about ourselves and our life. However, you can start each day with positive thoughts!
 Just about everyone gets up in the morning and heads to the bathroom. A few things we generally do is brush our teeth, splash water on our face or check how our hair looks. All of these activities are done in front of the mirror.


Why not take advantage of the mirror? 
You probably know positive words you love or make you feel good, so why not wake up to them?

You can! All you have to do is take a Whiteboard marker and write these words on your mirror. This way you begin your day seeing what makes you feel good. You can write a word, a montra you connect with or a sweet message to your partner. Nightly or weekly leave kind a loving message to yourself or the one you love. 

What's great is the marker easily erases from the mirror, so no worries about the cleaning! 
So what are you waiting for? 
Start thinking of what makes you happy, get that marker and get writing! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Thinking Positive isn't always easy!

Last night I was frustrated with everything I had to accomplish in such a short time. I kept looking at the clock knowing I was going to have to work at warp speed to complete To Do List. Taxes were getting the best of me (yep, I waited until the last moment due to being overly busy- Not a good reason), I had dishes to do, Stats homework to review, three Anatomy and Physiology chapters to study for an exam this week, prepare posts my Sociology classes Facebook page, lunch and dinner prep for tomorrow, and the list goes on. 

While doing the dishes I could feel my temper rising. Everything I touched was falling from the dish strainer or tipping over. I had a sudden urge to grab something and throw it (totally not like me), so I stepped back and took a deep breath. I grabbed a mug of hot tea (much needed for Northeast night weather) and headed outside. The fresh, crisp, cool air instantly surrounded me and brought with it a chill from deep within my core. My mind was racing with everything I had to get done and how nothing was going right. I looked up and saw all the stars flickering in the night sky like little diamond glistening in the perfect light. At that moment I realized I wasn't focused on the right now, I was focused on getting everything done. I took about five minutes to breath deep, enjoy the sound of the traffic from the city, appreciate the fresh, crisp, cool air, and the right now. 

As I stepped back in the house I thought about my list and what absolutely needed to be checked off. I recognized that I was back in control. All it took was to become aware of what I was felt and understand that I'm control. I came back to the now and appreciated what was in front of me.

 So as you see, even I have times when I get super crazy and frustrated. Just as I took control of the situation and what I was feeling, you too can take control and get to a more positive space.

After I had this moment, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to talk about getting out of this frame of mind. Below is a link to a great article from the Law of Attraction Magazine (one of my Favorite!).  

I hope you have a wonderful day and create some time to appreciate BEING IN THE MOMENT!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

First blog post ever!!!

This is my first blog!!! Yep, I have joined the world of blogging! I own a business, go to college and work part time. I've decided I want to focus on helping women to stay healthy, strong and positive. With all the challenges that come flying at women on a day to day basis, I know how hard it is to stay positive. So, this is going to be a place to do find just that! In this blog you will find inspiring quotes, poems, health and wellness tips, along with some ideas on how to stay healthy while juggling life. As a college student who is incredibly busy, I know it's hard to stay healthy (mind, body, and spirit) while on the run all the time. Whether you are a college student, working in the corporate world or a busy mom, these tips will help you to stay positive while accomplishing everything.
Dinner tonight! Delicious and nutrition with little time to prepare!

Tonight I made a portobello mushroom sandwich with sprouts, avocado and hummus. I made the salad a couple of nights ago. It's kale, Cara orange, carrot and apple salad with vinaigrette. The key is to make a salad like this and make a lot of it, that way you have many days of eating without the prep time for each meal. Bulk is best!!