Monday, April 15, 2013

Thinking Positive isn't always easy!

Last night I was frustrated with everything I had to accomplish in such a short time. I kept looking at the clock knowing I was going to have to work at warp speed to complete To Do List. Taxes were getting the best of me (yep, I waited until the last moment due to being overly busy- Not a good reason), I had dishes to do, Stats homework to review, three Anatomy and Physiology chapters to study for an exam this week, prepare posts my Sociology classes Facebook page, lunch and dinner prep for tomorrow, and the list goes on. 

While doing the dishes I could feel my temper rising. Everything I touched was falling from the dish strainer or tipping over. I had a sudden urge to grab something and throw it (totally not like me), so I stepped back and took a deep breath. I grabbed a mug of hot tea (much needed for Northeast night weather) and headed outside. The fresh, crisp, cool air instantly surrounded me and brought with it a chill from deep within my core. My mind was racing with everything I had to get done and how nothing was going right. I looked up and saw all the stars flickering in the night sky like little diamond glistening in the perfect light. At that moment I realized I wasn't focused on the right now, I was focused on getting everything done. I took about five minutes to breath deep, enjoy the sound of the traffic from the city, appreciate the fresh, crisp, cool air, and the right now. 

As I stepped back in the house I thought about my list and what absolutely needed to be checked off. I recognized that I was back in control. All it took was to become aware of what I was felt and understand that I'm control. I came back to the now and appreciated what was in front of me.

 So as you see, even I have times when I get super crazy and frustrated. Just as I took control of the situation and what I was feeling, you too can take control and get to a more positive space.

After I had this moment, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to talk about getting out of this frame of mind. Below is a link to a great article from the Law of Attraction Magazine (one of my Favorite!).  

I hope you have a wonderful day and create some time to appreciate BEING IN THE MOMENT!

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