Saturday, April 27, 2013

You are more beautiful than you think

About a week and a half ago, my "work mom" sent me an email. As busy as I am, I was unable to open it to watch the video attached. One of the advisers said in passing something about the Dove Sketches, so I knew what I needed to look for.

Photo: You're more beautiful than you think. In fact, we released our social experiment in this short film to prove it. Watch to open your eyes:

I watched the video with amazement. The more accurate sketches were ones drawn from what others described the women to look like. I thought about how I see myself and then how others might see me. I don't feel beautiful most of the time and would describe myself much like the women described themselves.  I At the most, I feel average. This  may have to do with the media and how I always compare myself to what I think others want me to look like. This video brought me to tears. I realized maybe I need to be a little more kind to myself. I need to start listening to what others think and say about me. Maybe sometimes they see things I don't . I don't think we're told enough what makes us beautiful, so we become insecure.

So how do you see yourself? Would you describe yourself as accurately as someone else? 

Each and every one of us has something that makes us beautiful and unique. We should all start telling one another what makes each of us beautiful! I'm going to start here! 

Mom- Your kind, calm, warm smile lights up the room. The love in your heart is as deep as the sea and it shines in your ocean blue eyes! You have soft, thick, flowing auburn hair that I've loved playing with since I was a baby!

Pam (Work mom)- Thank you so much for sharing this with me! Your light artistic energy shines from within and shows through your smooth fluent motion. The calm caring nature that you hold while in the presents of  each person shines in your eyes. Your dark wavy hair shapes your face perfectly.

Gianna- Your elegant light greenish blue eyes always capture peoples attention.  Compassion and pure joy show every time you smile and your cute dimples show. 

Emily- Your smooth honey blond hair is always cute. The love and grace in your heart for children glows whenever you smile as teach them. The innocents and youthful spirit of your soul appears when you goof around and play.

To anyone reading this; You are a wonderful, positive, beautiful and deserving person! 

So take a moment, share with someone the beauty you see in them. Write it on their Facebook wall, tell someone person, tell a co-worker or maybe even a person on the street! Leave them a note. And share this valuable information to help them understand how beautiful they are. Let them know about this idea, the blog and the link to help others to see the beauty within themselves too! 

Love, happiness and kindness are luminous expansions of the soul.
When shared with the world, others follow the positivity.

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